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Refrigerant: R410A

Cooling capacity: 37 ÷ 318 kW

Heating capacity: 36 ÷ 314 kW

Stand-alone unit for outdoor installation available in 18 sizes from 36 to 318 kW, 2 versions (cooling only and heat pump) and 5 configurations.

The casing is self-supporting frame in aluminum. The panels are sandwich type with double wall insulation injected polyurethane 60 mm thick.

Electric board in complete control and automatic adjustment of the electronic type with microprocessor. Wide range of accessories and options: with gas burner, with hot water coil or electric coils

Suitable for air conditioning “all year round” of medium and large areas: commercial areas, highly crowded environments and industrial buildings.

Thanks to the almost total configuration flexibility, the units can respond to a wide variety of application needs and uses, and can also be used in extreme weather conditions.


A: Only recirculated air

B: Recirculated and fresh air

C: Recirculated, fresh and exhaust air

D: Recirculated, fresh and exhaust air and enthalpy wheel

E: Recirculated, fresh and exhaust air and heat exchanger recovery

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Rooftop-uri MEKAR - Seria 45MK

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