• Rooftop-uri DAIKIN - Seria UAT(Y)Q
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Rooftop-uri DAIKIN - Seria UAT(Y)Q

Rooftops R-410A Features:

  • Flexible air supply: Since all the units utilize an adjustable belt/pulley driven supply air fan as standard, the units are able to meet a wide range of supply air volumes an external static pressures. Furthermore, the supply air fan motors, pulleys and belts (field supplied) can be easily changed on site to meet exact air flow and ESP requirement if required.
  • UATQ-C-ambient
  • Refrigerant is pre-factory charged to ensure clean and efficient operation
  • Electric heater connection
  • Coil with anti-corrosion treatment (gold fin)
  • Electronic expansion valve for better control of the refrigerant flow
  • Cut-off switch for emergency power cut-off
  • Auto random restart with last state memory

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Rooftop-uri DAIKIN - Seria UAT(Y)Q

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